Press Release: Off-Kilter to host Great Dane fundraiser

February 26,  2018


Great Danes

Senior dog proves old dogs can learn new tricks

BELOIT – Jim and Tricia Goecks from Off-Kilter Brewing will host a fundraiser for Upper Midwest Great Dane Rescue at Grand Avenue Pub in Beloit on March 3 from 5 - p.m.

When Jim and Tricia Goecks decided to adopt another dog, Jim Goecks suggested they adopt a Great Dane.

“He had me at Great Dane,” Tricia Goecks said. “I always like a dog that you don’t have to bend over to pet.”

The couple quickly focused their search with Upper Midwest Great Dane Rescue in Eagan, Minnesota. “We were impressed with the efforts of this group not only to place Great Danes in their forever homes and raise awareness for the breed, but also their efforts to rehabilitate abused and neglected Great Danes,” Goecks said. “Some of the dogs they receive have special needs such as deafness, blindness, or are underweight.” Great Danes require 6 – 14 cups of food per day.

The couple travelled to Minnesota to adopt a 2-year old Great Dane named Bella. She epitomized the breed description of being a “Velcro dog” as she insisted on touching her new family during the entire 7 hour journey home. "She was the perfect dog," Jim Goecks said.

After Bella died unexpectedly, Goecks named Off-Kilter Brewing’s nut brown ale Bella Brown. “It was important for us to honor Bella’s memory,” Goecks said. “We donate portion of the sale proceeds of our Bella Brown to Upper Midwest Great Dane Rescue.”

The family has since added two Great Danes to their pack. They adopted a blue merle named Maia and a black senior Dane named Chance.

“Maia’s nickname is Mayhem,” Tricia Goecks said. “Great Danes have sudden bursts of energy known as zoomies. All you can do is stand back and watch.”

“We followed Chance on Upper Midwest Great Dane Rescue’s website for five months before we decided to adopt her,” Goecks recalled. “Great Danes have a life expectancy of 9 – 10 years. She was almost nine when we adopted her.”

“Her foster mom told us that she might run for a step or two and then sleep for the next three days. Maia has brought out a youthful energy in her. She runs all the time now.”

The couple is curious about their dogs’ lives with their original families. “Maia arrived with a stuffed animal. We call it her baby,” Goecks said. “Chance is well-behaved, but the only trick she knew was how to catch food in the air.”

After several months of training, Chance offered her paw in exchange for a treat. “It took a long time but she proved an old dog can learn new tricks,” Goecks laughed.

The Goecks will sponsor a fundraiser for Upper Midwest Great Dane Rescue at Grand Avenue Pub in Beloit on Saturday March 3 from 5 – 8 p.m. “We will be pouring samples of Off-Kilter beer. Maia loves to be petted and will be there with us,” Jim Goecks said. “Throughout the event we will announce raffle prizes to people who donate to UMGDR.”

Grand Avenue Pub is located at 132 W. Grand in Beloit. Upper Midwest Great Dane Rescue places dogs in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, North Dakota and South Dakota.

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